the other photography course


the why of this course

The idea behind this photography course

Welcome to ECCE, the other photography course. I designed this course in the spring of 2020, an uncertain and special time. Many of us were suddenly huddled in a lock down. Due to the corona measures, we were no longer able to attend exhibitions, meetings or courses. Just when I wanted to start several new photography courses via So there was a lot of course material with assignments on the shelf. So I thought, I can also offer this via the internet. And it doesn't look like we'll be going back to what we used to think normal in the foreseeable future. We now find it normal to consult, hold meetings and follow courses via the internet.

In recent years I have guided various groups of amateur photographers in mentorships through the Dutch Fotobond. In addition, I give various presentations about the many aspects of photography. I also organize courses and projects via And I give reviews of portfolios via the internet. All this knowledge and experience makes the basis of this course.

But what this course is not about: a technical how-to course for your new camera; a genre course with excursions or studio workshop; only for amateurs; only for so-called pros. This course is meant for every photographer looking for inspiration and reflection in making pictures and understanding how photography works.

about the website

An independent and personal initiative

The course is a personal initiative in which my own view on photography is leading. This does not only apply to the assignments and reviews. I also write the reflections that are part of every episode on personal title.

This website has no forum or customer tell section. There are enough platforms in the world to measure up to the rest of the world.

This website is also not sponsored. I have no interest in any supplier of hardware or software. So no ads. This website also does not use cookies. I just have no interest in your clicking behavior. The website was created on the basis of a free template. Many thanks to TEMPLATED. I did change some in the CSS, but for the rest it is plain and simple HTML.

about me

Niek van Schie

As a photographer I am an autonomous photographer with a professional background in horticulture and landscaping. From there I continued to study as business administration, real estate agent, auditor and safety expert. Now I work for companies that need help with (making visible) quality, safety and sustainability. A few years ago I followed the Photo Reflection course at the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam. This course is designed to become a photography teacher, mentor or writer. In my work I often make the connection between visual communication and corporate policy. For example, I created a course for photographing professionals for companies and for professional photographers a workshop strategy for the creative professional. Two completely different target groups who actually do the same thing: communicate visually.

You may take a look at my own photo work on my personal website and on Instagram. The well known attention seeking platform for all things visual.


Trees, you have to plant them

In 2002 I started a consultancy under the name Nemus. This name is Latin and means forest. One could say that the web address of this site means something like 'behold the fores in the Netherlands'. Nemus also means plantation where Silva more means the natural forest. And that is correct again, because almost all the forest in the Netherlands has been planted. Since the start of my business I have assisted many organizations in making visible their efforts for quality, safety and durability. Various courses and workshops have been added in recent years in the field of visual communication. In combination with my enthusiasm for photography, the tree for the ECCE course was quickly planted.

Nemus is registred at the Dutch chamber of commerce under nummber 27254051. The VTA identification or BTW-ID is NL001979148B45. Post address is Zuiderweg 28 in 8393KT Vinkega, the Netherlands. You can reach me by email on

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