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monthly episodes

Choose how many episodes of this course you want to follow. You will receive one issue every month but you can follow the course at your own pace. There are no deadlines. This course is individual and via internet, making it completely corona-proof.

a journey through 200 years of photography with 100 historical and 100 contemporary photographers


Photography is around about 200 years now. Each episode we will discuss the history of photography on the basis of a photographer from the past and a photographer in the present. This way we explore the world of photography from a historical and a contemporal point of view.

on creativity, technique, looking, philosophy, processes and projects


Photography is a technical and creative process. It requires good looking, often project-based work and developing your own vision. Every episode I approach the theory of photography from a practical perspective.

practical assignments with reviews


Every episode you will get a photography assignment with concrete instructions and examples. You submite your work for a review in which I give you personal feedback. And if you like, your work will be included on this site's gallery.

Ecce means: look or behold; It is Latin and you pronounce it like ekke.


for who, how, where, when

What makes this course different?

I designed this course for everybody who:

  • wants to learn more about phtotography
  • is looking for inspiration from photographers from past and present
  • wants practical assignments with a personal feedback
  • can work independently and knows how a camera works

The way this course is organized:

  1. review the first episode that you can download here and assess whether it is for you
  2. subscribe using the subscription form that you send by email from the email address you'll be using for this course
  3. you will receive an invoice for the number of episodes you ordered
  4. after payment of the invoice you will receive the ordered number of episodes with intervals of one month
  5. you start with the assignment and submit your work by email for feedback
  6. you will get positive feedback and tips for further improvement

What this course is not:

  • a beginners- or buttonscours explaining how your camera works (read the manual and there are plenty of beginners offering beginnerscourses)
  • een fotobewerkingscursus met stappenplannen voor photoshop, lightroom, of ander programma
  • een advertentieplatform dat heel veel geld verdient met jouw werk (en dat noemen we dan sociale media)

And about your investment:

  • each episode costs nine euro, regardless the number of episodes you order, the minimum is five
  • you will pay up front for the number of episodes you order
  • and it is your own decision how much time you invest in your creative photography