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Here's the subscription form.

the reason for this course

No view without insight

On this page I will explain first what distinguishes this course from other courses. You can then judge for yourself whether this concept is right for you. Then I will tell you how you can participate.

What makes this course different from the many other photography courses is the combination in each episode of:

  • an inspiring introduction to the history of photography told from the viewpoint of the first photographers
  • reflections on creativity, the theory of photography and how images work
  • inspirational examples of current creative photographers
  • monthly assignments with a personal review
The course is especially suitable for enthusiastic photographers who want to learn more about photography, how visual communication works, what the trends and developments are in combination with practical assignments. Assignments with which you can get started to apply knowledge and inspiration according to your own insight. In the course program you can learn about the subjects and photographers. Would you like to receive an episode of this course every month? Then sign up as explained below.

how to participate in the course

No insight without a view

Joining the course is easy. It goes like this:

  • Take a look at the first episode that you can download here. So that you can judge for yourself whether it is something for you.
  • Download the subscription form here.
  • Fill it in with the requested information. Save the form on your computer.
  • Mail the completed form to from the email address you want to use for this course.
  • You will receive an invoice with the confirmation of your registration.
  • After payment you will receive a monthly delivery up to the total number (5, 10 or 20) that you have ordered.
  • You complete the assignment each time and send it in by e-mail.
  • You will receive a review of your work within a month.

And now the conditions and privacy rules:

  • Registration is done in order of receipt of registration.
  • In case of oversubscription, a waiting list can be entered, but that would be a luxury problem.
  • Participants only submit self-created work.
  • Reviews are personal and will not be shared with third parties.
  • Personal data that we record is necessary for participation and administration. That is only name, address, city and e-mail address.
  • This information is not shared with third parties, unless necessary for administration (read: taxes).
  • Submitted work will only be published with permission with of course a credit.

how, where, who, what

Some questions with their answers

  • When I start, do I have to follow all episodes? No, you decide how many you want to follow.
  • Does everyone start at episode 1? No, you hop on the bus where it is at the moment of subscription.
  • If I register a second time, will I start again with the first episode? No, you will join the bus where it is.
  • How often can I submit something for a review? Once. But don't take that too seriously, you learn nothing from procrastination.
  • When will I receive the next episode? Around the first of the month.
  • Can I send in photos taken with the phone? Yes, a scan is also good as long as the files do not exceed 1 MB in total.
  • When will I receive the review? Within a month.
  • Is there a start date? No, you can start any time.
  • Can I take a trial lesson? No, the minimum number is five. But you can download the first to judge for yourself whether it is something for you.
  • Who gives the review and what does it mean? The review is my assessment of your submitted work, by email with tips.
  • Is there a facebook group or hashtag? No, I am not on facebook for personal and social reasons.
  • Can I share my work? Yes, they are your photos.
  • Can I forward the course? I'd rather not, I won't forward your work either.
  • Can I use the course in the photo club or for my own mentorship? Be honest and make arrangements if you want to use my work for paid activities, such as courses and paid presentations.